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Frequently Asked Questions?

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  • Quickly maximize timely deliverables?
  • Efficiently unleash cross-media information?
  • Dramatically maintain solutions for real-time schemas?
  • Completely synergize resource taxing?
  • Dramatically maintain solutions for real-time schemas?
  • Efficiently unleash cross-media information?
  • Quickly maximize timely deliverables?
  • Completely synergize resource taxing?
(1) May I visit the Company site?

Yes. Any time you can visit our company with prior appointment in working hours except Friday as Friday is our weekly off.

(2) Does PANTHER EXIM Provides Data Privacy-Non disclosure agreement?

Yes, we do sign non-disclosure agreement for all the confidential drawings and designs shared by our customers.

(3) What are the Packing standard of the Company?

Components are carefully packed in seaworthy packing to ensure no damage during transit.

(4) Can I expect Timely delivery of my ordered parts?

Sure. PANTHER EXIM ensures timely delivery of the parts as PANTHER EXIM uses ERP Systems for tracking back production.

(5) Will I get quality and durability of the parts as per my requirement?

Yes. PANTHER EXIM has more than 3 years of experience of manufacturing Precision Components with advanced machining Capabilities, modern Inspection systems and qualified engineers.

(6) I don’t have a blueprint, can you quote and produce my part from a sample?

In most cases this is not an issue. We can create a blueprint from your sample for your approval, prior to production.

(7) What are PANTHER EXIm Products’s ethical values ?

Our personalised quote includes the cost of the part, samples and transit. There are no extra costs involved.

(8) Are there any extra costs for the services PANTHER EXIM Products provides?

As a succesful company, we pride ourselves in our business ethics and believe that this sets us apart from our competitors. Our business carries a lot of responsibility and we strive to ensure that we fulfill our promises, each and every time we do business with our clients.

(9) What type of order delivery mode do you provide?

We provider order delivery by rail, road and sea as per the customer conveniences.

(10) Do you offer shipment delivery contracts for offshore order delivery?

Yes, we enter into FOB (Free On Board ) contract, CIF ( Cost, Insurance and Freight ) contract and Ex-ship contract as per the customer's requirements.


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